K9 Kev & Rory O'B Oban Live 2017 

After winning the popular vote amongst the voting public of Oban and the surrounding area, K9 Kev and Rory O'B broke into the big time and performed in front of 4,000 festival goers at their hometown open air music festival, Oban Live.

We have had the pleasure of working with both of these guys with their solo projects and their collaboration material is just as good.

Click the link below to read the article from The Oban Times and watch the video of the guy's performing.

K9 Kev & Rory O'B Oban Live 2017

Delighted to Break the silence with another great record!!! 

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Rory O'B's fantastic blend of Hip-Hop and folk EP, "Quit Rapping".

6 tracks of fantastic wordplay combined with some drum loops provided by typical folk instruments such as the cajohn.

Our friend Jonothan Rimmer does a much better job reviewing the EP than us...he is a journalist after all, and a damn good one at that.  Read the full review by Jonothan by clicking the link here

All sales from this website will go straight to the artist.  

Western Alliance: “Confident Dancing” – sophisticated, worldly and charming! 

The duo of Western Alliance – James Gray and Lorne Walton – began writing together initially with a view to playing festivals. As writing progressed they decided to bring in guest musicians and vocalists to create the musical vision they had in mind. The band then performed on the Scottish festival circuit to a wave of critical acclaim. 

It was at this point the duo decided to focus on producing an album for release. Sometime back the duo of Western Alliance released the album “Confident Dancing”,…

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This album review is thanks to the folk's at Sell Out Records - A Music Blog
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I’m always impressed with new music. Soul Spear caught me off guard, however, as I didn’t know what to expect. The artwork for “Built With Girders” was really cool, but the sound on my computer didn’t come through very well at first. It was because I didn’t plug in my speakers, and that’s my fault. Once I got things working, I was really impressed with the layers of EDM that Soul Spear puts through on

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